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About Us

Welcome to Cold Solutions at Rush Creek, a premier Public Refrigerated Warehouse Company near Kansas City. We specialize in top-tier food storage and distribution services on a national scale. Our commitment revolves around developing customer warehousing and distribution solutions while prioritizing food safety and consistently surpassing demanding "On time, In full" standards.

We proudly function as a service organization seamlessly integrating with our clients' operations with a clear understanding of their goals and objectives. Our mission is working together to develop flexible solutions that contribute to heightened success and growth for our clientele. We create cold chain excellence.

17815 Foster Road, Liberty, MO 64068
Strategic Location

We are conveniently located in Liberty, MO, just northeast of Kansas City with easy access to four major interstates including I29, I35, I49, and I70. Product distribution is cost effective as 85% of the U.S. population can be reached within 2 days. Easy access to the BNSF Intermodal yard and heavy weight corridor. We are located in one of the largest Foreign Trade Zones in the country.

Storage and Distribution Capacity

Approximately 1.4 million sq. ft. of temperature-controlled distribution center space that can store over 45,000 pallets. A total of 33 large shipping & receiving docks helps ensure efficient inbound and outbound pallet movement. Leased space and build-to-suit expansion opportunities are available.

Deep Freeze and Blast Freeze

A new 25,000 sq. ft. building will provide blast freezing capabilities and is the main hub for shipping and receiving. The blast freezing area will facilitate efficient movement and distribution of product with an industry leading quick freeze process.

Wide Ranging Services

Multiple storage temperatures include: frozen (-5 degrees F), refrigerated (36 degrees F), and ambient (56 degrees F) providing maximum flexibility for storage needs under one roof. Core service offerings include: blast freezing, tempering, import/export documentation, cross docking, labeling, kitting, case selection, fulfillment, dedicated storage, USDA inspection, and freight consolidation.

Dynamic Technology

Leading EDI-Integrated warehouse management system; wireless RF scanners; customer portal with on-line visibility to transactions and inventory; labor management system to maximize efficiencies; yard management to speed receiving and shipping; highly accurate inventory management system; directed put-away and order selection; and 24 hour temperature monitoring to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Superior Energy Efficiencies

Modern, state-of-the art refrigeration system and energy efficient LED lighting throughout the facility. Natural limestone storage with superior insulation reduces carbon footprint and environmental impact compared to conventional buildings. Without refrigeration, the facility maintains a natural year-round temperature of 56 degrees, requiring much less energy to cool and freeze.

Highly Secure Property

Naturally protected underground facility with a single, guard shack access point, key card access, fencing and security cameras.

Experienced Management Team

Our leadership team has over 120 years of experience that will quickly respond to customer needs and requests.


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