How do we ensure product safety?

  • Controlled access: Entry is through a secure guard shack with video surveillance and employee key card access.
  •  Ideal storage conditions: Our natural storage facility maintains consistent temperatures, resilient against extreme weather.

  •  Advanced refrigeration: Our redundant system, remotely monitored with automatic alerts, ensures product integrity. 
  • Safe coolant usage: Only reliable brine coolant, free from ammonia, is employed to prevent contamination. 
  • Fire safety: We utilize a Viking fire suppression system throughout the facility.
  • Air quality control: Our air purification and humidity system maintain positive airflow, reducing dust and maintaining optimal humidity. 
  • Temperature integrity: Product is staged in refrigerated dock areas to preserve temperature. 
  • Compliance assurance: We are FDA approved plus certified by ASI for adherence to industry safety and quality standards.

     How do you help me achieve compliance with Retailer On time In Full (OTIF) requirements?

    Our approach to achieving Retailer On Time In Full (OTIF) compliance is comprehensive and efficient:

    • We set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate facility performance, aiming for >95% within 2 hours for both inbound and outbound truck turn times, a benchmark we consistently surpass. With 33 refrigerated dock doors, our appointment scheduling processes and operational SOPs ensure swift unloading and loading, expediting product transportation. 
    • Our focus on Case Fill accuracy (>99%) guarantees that orders match shipments, while our Inventory Accuracy goal (>99%) is supported by immediate access to essential inventory, billing, shipping, and receiving data through our WMS web portal. 
    • Implementing a directed putaway system minimizes product loss and enhances inventory management, providing you with greater oversight and cost savings. Moreover, our facility's over 8,000 LED lights ensure optimal visibility for warehouse associates, facilitating precise product selection and movement.

      What is our capacity for pallet storage?

      • Our facility boasts 65,000 pallet positions for freezer, cooler, and ambient storage. We prioritize our customers' success by offering adaptable space solutions to meet growing needs. With 360k sq. ft. earmarked for potential expansion, including public space or customizable lease options, we ensure flexibility for future growth.

      What type of services do we offer?

      We provide a wide range of services tailored to your needs. As a service company, we specialize in innovative solutions that are adaptable to both short and long-term requirements. Our offerings include:

      • Temperature-controlled storage (-20°F, -5°F, 36°F, and 56°F), blast freezing, and inventory consolidation for food ingredients and finished goods.
      • Case activities such as selection, labeling, repacking, and fulfillment, allowing for dynamic JIT inventory management.
      • Cross-docking for time-sensitive loads, reducing lead times and improving fill rates.
      • Load consolidation for efficient shipping.
      • On-site 75 trailer drop lot for maximum loading/unloading flexibility.
      • Import/export services compliant with USDA guidelines.
      • Overweight container loading and drayage to BNSF intermodal yard.
      • Fast and simple EDI setup for improved information exchange and accuracy.
      • Real-time inventory visibility, accessible 24/7 for confident inventory management decisions.

        Why Kansas City?

        • Kansas City is centrally located within the country’s agricultural region that has all types of food and beverage supply chain activities. Speed to market is key for all food producers.  Approximately 85% of the U.S. population can be reached within 2 days.  There is easy access to four major interstates and five class 1 railroads.