Our natural distribution center is built in the side of a 78 acre hill in Liberty, MO, just outside of Kansas City.  It requires 35% less energy to maintain temperatures because of natural insulation, an energy efficient refrigeration system, and LED lighting.  The main facility is composed of limestone walls, ceilings, concrete flooring, insulated panels, and countless feet of nature-made earthen materials surrounding the building cavity. The facility required 25% fewer materials to build out than a traditional building, due to a reduced need for structure steel, roofing materials, base flooring and prep work. 

The refrigeration is designed as a low-charge primary ammonia system located in the exterior motor room.  Only safe and reliable brine coolant is utilized throughout the interior facility. No ammonia is used inside the natural storage facility.  The ambient temperature is ~56 degrees Fahrenheit year-around without heating or cooling, which can maintain cold temperatures significantly longer than a traditional building without power.  All lighting is high quality LED providing excellent visibility with low power consumption.  The structure is protected from most weather events that would impact traditional buildings such as high winds, rain, and tornados. All systems are designed around water conversation and eco system preservation.